Our Mission

Fulfilling the Great Commission and the Great Commandment



We assist pastors of small and Hispanic churches in the USA and Latin America to fulfill the great commission and the great commandment in their church.

This is done by helping them to fulfill their vision for their congregation through encouragement, assistance in leadership development, mission/vision development, discipleship, small groups, prayer, teaching, Experiencing God Weekend Retreats, and church planting support (with special emphasis on Latin America).

We provide pastoral resources and coaching to pastors through the Woodbridge Project website, social media, one-on-one communication and on-site visits to allow pastors to accomplish much more than would be possible through other means available to them. 

Small Churches

Small churches experience the living Christ just like their larger counterparts in more urban settings. Through the Woodbridge Project, these pastors can dialog with a former pastor who has lived the small church experience and loved it even when the church remained small by contemporary expectations. Rural/small churches can experience the joy of planting new churches all over the world through being connected through the Woodbridge Project with the very successful Surge Project for global church planting.

Hispanic Churches

Hispanic churches in the USA have to work within the US culture and spiritual climate. Through the Woodbridge Project they have access to resources in both Spanish and English which have been tested in the US environment and elsewhere.  Spanish speaking churches are helped in making the transitions that are necessary as they reach out to generations of Hispanics who may no longer speak the language (their own children in many cases).  Anglo churches can be introduced to the move of God that is happening all over the world in Hispanic churches (including those in the USA).

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Woodbridge, the Inspiration for the Name

The ultimate wooden bridge was the wooden cross of Jesus Christ.  Through the cross He bridged the gap between God and man.  He provided the means by which the blessings of heaven could be brought down to man.  He provided the means by which man could be made acceptable to God and fellowship with Him eternally.

The song "Small Wooden Bridge" by Gordon Jensen captures this great truth very well.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCj7A3O-tP0  )

By walking alongside the shepherds who care for His sheep the Woodbridge Project seeks to bridge the gap in time between the cross of Jesus Christ 2000 years ago and the precious people of our day for whom He died.

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